Thursday, February 18, 2016

For Spirits Dear

 When we ignore the call of our compassion
Our faults with pow'r do act through our inaction,
When we await a war of mass destruction,
When species die in mass extinction,
When the weather grows weird,
When the world avoids fear,
And denies all evidence
That horror is clear,
That horror is near,
By invoking
The unreason
Of darker times
And the blind consensus of selfish minds.

There’s toxic stew thats brewed within that cup of lead,
The acid of despair and sweet denial’s poisoned air,
A draught for those who’d let the world be dead.
Drink not from lead, but try the golden cup instead.
Beneath the cloud of growing pow'r,
Our life
is frail.
But we
can still
avoid the fail
By drinking from the spirit found within the golden grail.


Let us sing the call
To build it here:
The Holy Grail
For spirits dear.
Become the love,
That stone by stone
Becomes the Holy Home,
A Temple to the Light of Truth,
A Temple to the Truest Love,
The Love
That fits
The Golden Rule.
The Narrow Path that travels to
And through the sunlit gardens beyond our cave.